2023 Hair Trends from Layered Bobs to Hair Extensions

New Year, New Hair

What will be the most popular hairstyles in 2023? While trends can be hard to predict, we can look to the past for clues. Here’s what we anticipate will continue to grow in popularity this upcoming year:

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1. Curtain bangs

If you’re looking for a romantic hairstyle that’s still on-trend, look no further than curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are a great option for women with longer hair, as they can help frame your face and add a touch of glamour. If you’re thinking about getting curtain bangs, we recommend that you talk to your stylist who can help you determine if curtain bangs will work with your hair type and face shape.

2. Layered bobs

These types of bobs, such as stacked or angled bobs, are another classic style that never seems to go out of fashion. They’re flattering for all face shapes and can be styled in several different ways.

We predict that layered bobs will continue to be one of the most popular hairstyles in 2023.

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3. Hair Extensions

If your natural hair is thinning, or you simply want to add length or fullness, hair extensions are an option worth considering. At Jessica’s Color Salon, we offer a variety of hair extension methods. Our newest method is Invisible Bead Extensions, where a row of beads is applied in a horseshoe shape around the hair shaft. The extensions or wefts are then stitched closely into the beads. Because the wefts are placed above and below the beads, the beads become invisible.

Our other hair extensions include Weft extensions, which are made with human hair strands bound together by a super-thin cloth, or Halo extensions, where the hair does not attach to your own, but rather sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire.

The method of attachment will affect how long the extensions last and how much they cost. Through a consultation, we can determine which method is best for you.

4. Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights have been popular since the 1990s but were actually developed in Paris in the 1970s. The hair-highlighting method continues to be popular because of the natural-looking effect it has on hair. Balayage highlights are created by hand painting the dye onto your hair. In fact, the word “Balayage” is a French word that means “to sweep.” Because these highlights are hand-painted onto the hair in random sections, they can be more subtle and natural-looking than foil highlights. Other benefits of Balayage include less upkeep with regrowth not as obvious and a modern and trendy look at any age.

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Going out Special Middletown CT

4. Vibrant Hair Colors

Vivid colors are still on trend. Jessica’s Color Room loves to use the Pulp Riot brand of colors with its ability to create bold and vibrant colors. Pulp Riot is a semi-permanent, direct-dye color that allows stylists to create electric rainbows, extreme blondes, and flaming reds and pinks while still being gentle on the hair. This color treatment is perfect for those who want to add extra pizzazz to their look.


While these are some of the trends in 2023, there certainly are more. Talk to your stylist if you are looking for a whole new look. Your stylist will help you determine what look is best for your face frame and hair texture. Call us today for any questions you may have at 860-344-8677. Or, book an appointment now.

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