Q&A with Hairstylist Jill of Jessica’s Color Room

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We sat down with our hairstylist Jill to get to know her better. She has worked at the salon for five years. Jill enjoys applying bright colors to her clients’ hair, sewing in Weft extensions, and creating formal updos. Her favorite part of being at Jessica’s Color Room salon is the ability to be creative with hair color!

1. How did you get started in the hairstyling industry?

While attending Southern CT State University, I cut female and male hair at school. I even applied hair extensions. I realized college was not for me, so, I enrolled in hairdressing school.

2. What made you choose hairdressing as a career?

I’ve always looked up to my hairdresser and thought she had such a cool career and a cool look about her too. I wanted the same.

3. What are you known for at the salon?

I am known for applying vivid colors or fashion colors to hair. I am also known for curtain bangs, sew-in hair extensions (Weft), and keeping the integrity of my clients’ hair.

4. What’s your proudest professional accomplishment?

I had the idea to bring sew-in Weft hair extension technology to the salon. A client came in one day with sew-in extensions and needed help with them. After that, I searched for classes online to learn about Weft extensions. Our entire staff ended up taking the classes and now the salon offers it as one of our options for hair extensions.

I am also proud that I’ve referred the most friends to work at the salon.

5. How do you build relationships with your clients?

I like gaining the trust of my clients by being a good listener and being honest and transparent. My clients appreciate my frankness.

6. What is your favorite hair trend right now?

My favorite trends are bolder hair colors, chunky highlights, sew-in Weft hair extensions, and curtain bangs.

7. What inspires you most about working for Jessica’s Color Room?

I love working with the team at the salon. There’s a lot of talent to learn from—both new and seasoned people.

8. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to listen to music, hang out with my dog, go to the beach, and keep up with current events on the news.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Jill, please click here or call 860-344-8677.


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