Summer Hair Care Tips! 

Here at Jessica’s Color Room, we not only take pride in offering you the best services, but we also pride ourselves in educating our clients on how to take care of their hair. The team and I have come up with our top Summer Hair Care tips and tricks to help you during the upcoming months.

With warmer weather being right around the corner, it is more important than ever to care for our hair. Did you know that just like your skin you should be using a sunscreen on your hair? Protecting your locks from the sun helps aid in preventing color fading, dryness, and the overall health of your hair. Your hair is an investment and it’s important to protect it.

Simple hacks such as wearing a hat or using an umbrella at the beach can help protect your investment. Also, using hair products that have sun protection will prevent your hair from becoming dull. Did you know that most leave in conditioners and heat protectants also have SPF built in? We offer a full range of haircare products to fit your every need.

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Who doesn’t love a quick dip into the pool or ocean on a hot summer day? Here’s a quick tip to protect your locks while staying cool this summer. Before making a splash, rinse your hair with normal tap water and apply your favorite conditioner. The conditioner will act as a barrier for your hair and help keep it hydrated while you stay cool. Ask your Hair Guru which conditioning treatment will best fit your hair care needs!

Summer is here and so is humidity and that dreadful summer frizz. No matter how well you care for your hair, the humidity will always wreak havoc. Try beating the humidity this summer by getting a Brazilian Blowout. Each treatment is completely customizable to suit your needs. It helps strengthen and protect color treated, overly processed, and curly hair. You’re left with a bouncy beautiful and frizz-free look while also making hair more manageable. Ask us today how a Brazilian Blowout can become part of your hair care routine this summer!

Another option is to embrace the humidity and go curly! Wearing your hair curly on those hot summer days is sometimes the best option. Why try and fight the curl when they will want to come out eventually. Remember to utilize all of our curly hair tips and tricks on those days when your natural curls are ready to come out and play. Ask us today how to set up your curls to look flawless this summer!

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