Looking for techniques to tame that curly hair?

Keeping curly hair tame is a mystery to many of us curlies. We have spent a lot of time finding the right techniques and products to get their desired look. And, to make matters worse once you get into a groove of a good look, something changes. Could be the weather, your mood, the water, or who knows.

I am a curly, and understand your plight. I have not only spent years taming my own curly hair, but I have also made a point to investigate the best products on the market for making curly look great, and go to great lengths to make sure my staff knows how to cut, and style curly hair. All of my staff practices their curly hair techniques on me before I have them work on clients.

I understand the importance of finding a stylist that knows how to cut and style curly hair.

Below are some of the best techniques and suggested products to keep your curls looking amazing.

The Scrunching Method:

We know you’ve heard of this technique before! Scrunching is not new to us curly haired people, but it will definitely enhance curl definition. If you don’t want to lose length, then use the finger coiling technique instead.

Step 1: Apply your favorite curl products onto soaking wet hair. (We recommend Deva Curl products) After you apply product, scrunch it into your curls. After scrunching we recommend Ultra Defining Gel for strong hold.

Step 2: Use a microfiber towel to get out any excess water, then onto your drying method. Diffusing your curls will give you volume but if you want definition, air-drying is the way to go. If you decide to air-dry, try not to touch your curls until they are completely dry to reduce frizz.

Step 3: Grab some Flexible Hold Hairspray and lightly spray it over your curls while they’re still wet. This helps speed up the drying process and also helps enhance definition.

Step 4: Once your curls are completely dry spray some hairspray in your hands to fluff and separate curl clumps.

The Finger Coiling Method:

You’re going to spend some time in front of the mirror if you choose to use this technique. This curly hair technique is great for all different hair textures and will provide definition and curl formation.

Step 1: Apply your favorite curl products onto soaking wet hair.

Step 2: Grab a wide tooth comb or styling brush to make sure the products are evenly distributed.

Step 3: Wrap small sections of your hair around your index finger from tip to root. Once you get to the root gently unravel the finger coiled piece, let it fall, and gently scrunch.

Step 4: Let air-dry or diffuse on low speed and heat. Once your curls are completely dry spray some hairspray in your hands to gently separate the curl clumps and style to your liking.

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Very welcoming, polite. Amazing experience for my daughters(7yrs) 1st hair cut. Jillian did an amazing job. My daughter loved the ladies and chatted their ears off. My daughter is of mixed race and had long thick thick curly hair, and Jillian jumped right in, Showing her skills. I will for sure be back and recommend to others. Thank You again… She is on top of the moon with her new hair… Alieah Morrone

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