A Quick Guide to Properly Caring for Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions on our hairstylists. From left to right:
Halia adds color with her extensions, Nyasia uses extensions
for length, and Kim has them for thickness!


Hair extensions can enhance your natural hair in terms of length, volume, and color. With the proper care, your extensions will last longer and look great. We have a quick guide on how to care for hair extensions, whether you are considering them or already have them. Since we apply two different types of extensions, Weft and Halo, let’s talk about maintenance for each one.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft extensions are made with human hair strands bound together by a super-thin cloth. They are applied either by sewing in with beads or taping them into the hair. Because wefts become part of your hair, you can wash and condition them, along with your hair. However, we recommend only washing your hair two to three times a week to help prolong the wefts’ life. Use a shampoo without sulfates to avoid oil buildup on the wefts’ beads. You’ll also want to avoid shampoos with heavy protein, silicone, or those designed for damaged hair. These products can be too heavy and cause bead extensions to become oily.

Since you will be shampooing less often, use a high-quality dry shampoo in between washes. You can blow-dry your hair normally but be sure to take care. Here is a quick care summary for Weft extensions:

1. Wash hair two to three times a week
2. Use a high-quality dry shampoo in between washes
3. Blow-dry hair normally but with care

Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions differ from Weft extensions in how they are applied to the hair. In our salon, we use Remy extensions, a high-quality brand of Halo extensions. The hair extension is a separate piece that sits on the top of your head like a crown, hence the word Halo. With a thin hidden wire gently wedged underneath your natural hair, the extensions look natural, are comfortable, and blend nicely with your hair.

Because Halo extensions can be taken in and out anytime, you can wash them separately with warm water and use shampoo and conditioner. Again, the products should be without sulfates. The Halo extensions can then be toweled dry. Also, don’t apply serums or oils to the extensions. You’ll want to avoid a lot of heat, such as from a blow dryer or curling iron, to help them last longer. Hairspray is highly flammable, so you don’t want to apply hairspray to the extensions. We recommend washing Halo extensions every 3 months or so. Lastly, store them in a cool, dark place and away from dust. Here is a quick care summary for Halo extensions:

1. Wash Halo extensions every 3 months or so
2. Avoid serums, oils, and hairspray
3. Use minimal heat from a blow-dryer or curling iron


Whichever type of hair extensions you use, the benefits of both include adding volume, length, and/or color to your hair, as well as having no more split ends and a low maintenance routine. For Weft extensions, you’ll want to see your hairstylist every 7 to 8 weeks for minor adjustments to keep your extensions in place and looking fabulous. For more information on our hair extensions, please call our salon at 860-344-8677. Or, book an appointment for a hair extension consultation.

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