Fall Hair Care Tips

With Fall being right around the corner, it is time to think about how to care for your hair in the next season. My team and I have come up some of our favorite’s tips to help us FALL back in love with our hair for the cooler months.

Fall Hair Care Tip #1

While ponytails and buns are perfect for those hot summer days, try wearing your hair down more often for the Fall. Constantly wearing your hair in a hair elastic can cause unwanted breakage and scalp stress.  Maybe try a new heatless hairstyle or just let your hair go natural a few days a week to your hair stay healthy and full.

Fall Hair Care Tip #2

Another common tip as we head into the cooler months is to shampoo our hair less. With summer pool and beach days behind us, we don’t need to wash your hair every day to get rid of unwanted pollutants.  Also, as we start to transition into more deep and rich hair color tones for the cooler months, washing your hair less is a must. The longevity of deep and richer tones increases the less you wash your hair. Try using a dry shampoo or texturizer for those in between wash days when you still want to feel refreshed. (It’s okay to go three or four days without washing your hair.)

Fall Hair Care Tip #3

The summer can really do a number on our hair and its overall health. Between the sun, pool, beach, and constantly wearing it up our hair needs a little extra TLC. Getting a trim is one of the best ways to revive the overall health of your hair. Letting go of all your dead ends, and maybe trying out a new style, is the perfect way to transition into Fall. With cooler weather, comes dryer air and dryer hair. We recommended you start to incorporate hair products that offer an extra dose of moisture to battle the dryness. You can add anything from a leave in conditioner, a finishing oil, conditioner, or even a hydrating hair mask to give your hair the extra moisture it so desperately needs.

Natural This fall
Natural This fall
Natural This fall
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