Halo Hair Extensions

Just in time for the holidays, Jessica’s Color Room is offering halo human hair extensions.

Watch our video to see how easy they are to work with and how amazing you will look wearing them.

Halo Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

How long do they last?

The Halo can last as long as you let it. Since you can put them in and take them out everyday, they should last you anywhere from anywhere from 6 - 24 months.

Do they stay in place? Yes, they will stay place in all day long. And, they’re comfy too. They sit atop of your head all day just like a crown, without budging, slipping, or moving an inch.

Can you style them?

Yes, you can style them however way you want. You can curl them, or wear halo hair extensions in almost any updo or style. Ponytails, top knots, buns and braids. Or use your them to add volume and length to your hair.

Since you put it on and take it off every day, its difficult to damage to the Hair. Halo extensions are made from Human hair.

Do Halo extensions fall out easily?

They don’t actually slip off easily. If you put it in properly, you won’t ever have to worry about it falling off. The wire actually wraps itself around the wedged area of your head, which holds itself in place.

Don’t worry the wire is very light, so you won’t even feel it, and since it’s made of clear nylon and will blend in with the color of your hair.
Will they look natural?
Yes! They are made to look natural and blend in with your own hair without the bulk.
What are they made of?
Halo extensions are made of 100% human remy hair. Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped.


Can they be used on thin hair?
Unlike other types of hair extensions, the halo doesn’t attach to your own hair, they are the ideal hair extension for fine hair.
Hair Extensions for thinning hair
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