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It’s that time of year again, back to our regular scheduled routines. Between waking up early to take care of the kids and send them off to school and trying to get yourself ready for the day, who has time to invest in styling their hair. Our team here at Jessica’s Color Room have come up with some of our favorite quick and easy back to school hairstyles. 


The first style is a heatless natural looking wave that is simple and easy. First start off with semi wet hair and apply your favorite leave in conditioner and products. Split your hair into two and braid it, French, Dutch, or even regular braids work great too! Leave them in overnight and when you wake up gently undo the braids, shake the waves out, and add your favorite finishing product to complete the look. This style can be worn on its own or you can even add a braid or twist to amplify your style.

Curly Hair Middletown Ct
Heatless hairstyles hair salon Middletown, CT

The second style we came up with is perfect for second day hair or those days when you don’t want your hair in your face. Start with either the leftover waves from the day before or your natural texture. Add in some dry shampoo or your favorite second day hair product and get started. You will want to start at the top of your ears and glide your fingers up to create a half up, half down section. Now this is where you can get creative, you can do a high ponytail, messy bun or even try a braid. Finish the half up half down look with your favorite scrunchie or hair accessory and you have a perfect second day hairstyle.

Our third style is for those days when you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your hair. Prep your hair with your favorite product for third- or fourth-day hair, whether it be dry shampoo, texturizing spray, or an oil. Decide whether you want a classic bun or branch out and try two buns, the technique is the same for both styles! Gather your hair into a ponytail and lightly back brush it to give it some extra volume and shape, now wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a seamless bun. Secure it with either another hair tie or bobby pins and you have your completed look! If you decide to branch out and try two buns, you can part your hair down the middle for a classic style or you can try a zigzag part for a little extra fun.

Heatless hairstyles hair salon Middleton,CT
Quick and easy Hairstyles hair salon Middletown CT

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