Revolutionizing Hair Color for Our Guests with Vish Color Technology

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We are delighted to announce the integration of Vish color technology into the salon as part of our ongoing commitment to growth and delivering exceptional service to our guests. Vish is a top-rated color management software, which allows us to keep track of color formulas, inventory levels, and guest preferences.

The Power of Color Management

Color management is a cornerstone of our salon experience, with our guests often seeking expert advice on the latest trends and techniques. That’s where Vish comes in. Here are some key features and benefits of this revolutionary software:

  1. Comprehensive Color Database

Vish has a comprehensive color database that houses thousands of shades from leading brands. With just a few clicks, we can access the exact formulas needed to achieve our guests’ desired looks, saving time, and ensuring consistency across appointments. We find this color consistency benefit to be the most valuable to our guests.

  1. Custom Formulation Tools

Every guest is unique, and Vish recognizes the importance of personalized service. With its custom formulation tools, we can create bespoke color blends tailored to each guest’s individual preferences and hair type. Whether it’s a subtle balayage or a bold fashion hue, Vish empowers us to unleash our creativity and bring our guest’s vision to life.

  1. Saves on Color Waste

One of the main benefits of Vish is that it eliminates waste in our salon and consequently, in the community of Cromwell. We love this about Vish! We are now equipped to make a significant stride towards sustainability, which aligns with our salon’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Proud of this step towards a greener future, we’re eager to persist in waste reduction at our salon.

  1. Guest Profiles and Consultation Notes

Building strong guest relationships has always been an utmost priority at Jessica’s Color Room Salon. Vish helps us accomplish this because it creates detailed guest profiles, including color history, preferences, and consultation notes. This allows for more personalized service and ensures that every guest leaves the salon feeling confident and satisfied.


With its comprehensive features and personalized service capabilities, Vish aligns perfectly with our values and enhances our commitment to excellence. We’re excited about Vish and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our salon and guests at Jessica’s Color Room Salon in Cromwell, CT. Ask about Vish on your next visit! To book an appointment click here or call us at 860-344-8677.

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