2021 Hair Trends

According to celebrity stylists and Marie Claire

2021 hair trends will be more free flowing, practical, and whimsical than ever before. After experiencing 2020 being prepared for anything becomes the motto of 2021. The hair trends for 2021 are the styles that can stand the test of time, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

60's hair style trending for 2021

60’s Styles

Sweet, innocent, and very sexy. A little bit of body, and a barrette or ribbon to add a little pizazz.

Natural hair colors

Looking natural is very in vogue this year. We may have been forced into looking more natural last year, but this year, it’s your choice. And let’s face it a adding a few highlights here and there can’t hurt.

Natual Hair color
Long Layers

Long Layers

If you didn’t get your haircut for the better part of a calendar year, chances are you already have the making for one of the hottest 2021 hair trends (the long layer). Our stylists can clean that up into something with shape and structure—and plenty of grow-out potential.

Flowing Waves

Whether you are on the beach or not, get that curling iron out and get that beachy natural girl look.

Crimped or Wavy
Textured cuts

Textured Cuts

These  texture cuts are amazing, and let you look chic with little effort. With this cut you don’t have worry if you just took a shower, worked out, slept on it, or wore a wool hat.The lived-in texture look is in and allows you to look amazing.

Long Bangs

Long, swingy bangs—the swoopy kind from the 70’s. A great way to switch up your look.

Long Bangs
Swoopy Bob

Swoopy Bob

Look bouncy and flouncy with this blunt cut swoopy bob. Frames the face, and don’t worry, it’s just long enough to put up when you get tired of wearing it down.

If you are looking for a new style for 2021, we are here to help. All our stylists are trained and ready to give you your new look.

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