In this video, Ashley shows you how simple it is to take her halo extension out, and put them back in again!

Remove a Halo Hair Extension

To remove the halo hair extension from your hair you want to feel where the halo band is on your head, then grab the hair that is above it and flip it out of the way to access the comb clips. There are 4 comb clips. Start by feeling around your ears and begin unsnapping them, then move your hands to the back of your head and unsnap the 2 in the back. Once the combs are unsnapped you can just pull off the hair extension.

Halo Hair extensions are made from real hair and can be curled with a curling iron. You can curl it when it’s already installed, or before, the choice is yours. If you curl it after it’s installed it’s easier to blend in the curls with your natural hair.

Install Halo Hair Extensions

To install the extensions part your hair the way you normally like it, then with your fingers (or a comb) part your hair around your head and meet in the middle back a little low, to make room to add the hair. Then section off the top part of your hair and clip it. Take the invisible band of the halo hair and place the band on the part you made around your head. Once the piece is in place move your hands to the back of your head and find the combs. The comb clips should be open, if they aren’t go ahead and open them. Take the open clips elevate them upward and drive the combs downward into your natural hair. Once they are in place snap them shut. Do the same to the combs by your ears.

Blending, styling and curling your extensions

Once the extensions are secure, go ahead and unclip the top part of your hair. You may have to play around with the front to get everything to marry together and look natural. After you have the front of your hair looking natural, then start combing your hands through the rest of your hair to blend together. At this time take out the curling iron and style your hair. The more you style it as one, the more your hair will look natural. When the hair extensions are new they  may have a silkier look to them, to blend it to your natural hair, get a comb and tease the extensions upward then fluff. The video above shows all the techniques described in this article.

Come in now for a curling iron and extension before they sell out! Need one on one help styling your extensions? Schedule an appointment, we are happy to help.

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