Shontai’s Curly Hair Routine

Finding the right curly hair routine is important to anyone who has had to learn how to manage their curly hair. We are always looking for techniques and products to control and manage curly hair. Shontai is no different, she also went in search of a curly hair routine, and she would like to share what she has learned.

Shontai is a member of our staff at Jessica’s Color Room Salon, since her hair always seems to look great, we wanted to share her secrets with you.

Watch Shontai’s video where she describes her curly hair routine.

Shontai’s Curly Hair Routine

Tell us about your curly hair routine. Shampoo less and condition more. I used to wash my hair every 3 days, now I only wash my hair every 2 weeks, and I see a big difference. Washing my hair every 2 weeks gives my curls nice body.

What is your favorite hair product for your curls? I love the whole Deva Curl Line, but my all time favorite product is the Super Cream. I section my hair into 3 sections, run the product through each section, then scrunch it up, and let it dry. So easy to use, and my hair looks great.

Give us a curly hair secret. I use a satin pillowcase at night, it reduces hair breakage, and is good for your skin too. You can buy satin pillowcases at a variety of places, I get mine at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or the dollar store. They are pretty inexpensive.

How did you learn how to take care of your curly hair? Learning how to manage curly hair is not easy, I didn’t really start taking care of my own hair until I was 15. I first learned by watching YouTube videos. Cosmetology school also taught me things, and I have learned even more through my curly haired co workers at Jessica’s Color Room.

Do you have any other curly hair secrets that you want to share? Curly hair is heavy and when it dries it can have a flat top look to it. I use clips to add body. I buy tiny clips at the dollar store and grab a little section of hair to clip. The clips add more body.

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