Vacation Hair Style Tips! 

With vacation mode in full swing, it is easy to forget about taking care of your hair. Your hair is the crown you never take off and it is important to protect your investment. The team and I have created a style guide for those vacations days where you want to look good without trying hard.

Protect your hair on Vacation

While vacations and beach days are upon us, it is more important than ever to care for our hair. Simple hacks such as wearing a hat or scarf on vacation can help protect your hair while also adding a statement piece to your outfit.  Also, using hair products that have sun protection will prevent your hair from becoming dull. Did you know that most leave in conditioners and heat protectants also have SPF built in?

Who doesn’t love a quick dip into the pool or ocean on a hot summer day? Here’s a quick tip to protect your locks while staying cool this summer. Before making a splash, rinse your hair with normal tap water and apply your favorite conditioner. The conditioner will act as a barrier for your hair and help keep it hydrated while you stay cool. Ask your Hair Guru which conditioning treatment will best fit your hair care needs!

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Look good while being effortless

On those days when you need a quick day to night look, try this effortless hair style. Start off by applying your favorite leave in conditioner or styling product and braid your hair, French, Dutch, or even regular will do. Go about your day whether it be at the beach, amusement park, or just relaxing by the pool. When your ready to take on the town, gently undo the braids, shake them out, and add your favorite finishing product such as an oil or texture spray. Don’t be afraid to let loose and play around with your part and get creative!

For the Curls

For our curly girls, don’t forget the number one rule when it comes to rocking your curls, set it and forget it! Whether you want to rock the natural look, or the weather made you, here is our favorite technique to set your curls up for success:

The Finger Coiling Method:

You’re going to spend some time in front of the mirror if you choose to use this technique. This curly hair technique is great for all different hair textures and will provide definition and curl formation.

Step 1: Apply your favorite curl products onto soaking wet hair.

Step 2: Grab a wide tooth comb or styling brush to make sure the products are evenly distributed.

Step 3: Wrap small sections of your hair around your index finger from tip to root. Once you get to the root gently unravel the finger coiled piece, let it fall, and gently scrunch.

Step 4: Let air-dry or diffuse on low speed and heat. Once your curls are completely dry spray some hairspray in your hands to gently separate the curl clumps and style to your liking.

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